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□ Mayako Nakamura Art book
“The Colors・The Grays” Now on sale!
□ Wall Art “Nothing But Happiness”
available on ANTHROPOLOGIE!
□ Wall Art “The Almond Flower”
available on Artfully Walls!
□ Mayako’s artworks now on display
at restaurante mapa
■ Group Show Summer Festa at Gallery Echo-ann, Ginza, Tokyo 
■ Two person show Tony DeVarco・Mayako Nakamura “Gathering Kokoro”
at Marta Hewett Gallery, OH, USA
■ Two person show Mayu Otsuka・Mayako Nakamura
“Tail of Summer, Ear of Autumn”
at cafe & gallery musée Kanazawa, Ishikawa
2018.08.18-29 ■ Solo show at Gallery Echo-ann, Ginza, Tokyo 
■ Solo show at Gallery Mirume, Chofu, Tokyo
■ Solo show at Gallery Sanshitsu, Nishiogikubo, Tokyo
Contact: mail@mayakonakamura.jp